Max A. Kasler

Jewish Music and Education | Composition

Born and raised in northern New Jersey, music has always been an integral part of Max's life. It all started when he was five and began learning how to play guitar. The rest is history! Max began song leading at his hometown congregation in fourth grade working with the K-3 Shabbat morning services. In high school, he was a regional song leader for NFTY-GER (Garden Empire Region) for two years and most recently works as a song leader at Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake. Max has worked with a multitude of organizations, youth groups, synagogues and camps to share in his joy of singing Jewish Music. 

Max currently lives in Allentown, PA where he is studying Music with a Composition concentration, studies both Piano and Conducting and double majors in Judaic Studies. Max can't remember when he started writing Jewish music, but knows he does not plan on stopping. He believes that Jewish music is what holds our people together.  It is the melodies that keep our people united whether you are in Tel Aviv, New York, California, or Paris. Max's goal is to keep this bond strong by building community through this sacred music.